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What is Biocrystal ® ?

Biocrystal® is a perfect combination of natural crystals - diligently chosen, ground, and mixed in a form of a powder.

Biocrystal® is the only scientifically validated component that is measured to provide stress-relief experience when implemented into bedding foam, mattresses, and furniture.

Answering the need for stress relief


For bedding and furniture manufacturers, Biocrystal® is the perfect answer if you are looking to offer an anti-stress experience to your customers. As a component that goes beyond comfort, Biocrystal® is enabling stress-relieving sleep to your customers. 

Biocrystal® is an added value to your products, a component that makes a difference, and answers your customers’ needs.  


Your product + Biocrystal® Powder =

Highly effective stress relief product


Today everyone needs Biocrystal®

It is no secret that a fast and hectic lifestyle cause stress. A demanding job, family duties, numerous responsibilities – it all makes a day hard to handle. And when it finally comes to bedtime, it becomes impossible to turn off your busy mind. Your muscles become tense.

Your heart is racing. It all prevents the body from relaxing and regenerating. Sleeping stressed, night by night can cause numerous health issues, and that is why we need to fight it. This is where Biocrystal® steps in.

Meet Biocrystal® fabric - the ultimate solution for bedding manufacturers

Biocrystal® fabric is carefully designed for a super easy implementation into any kind of bedding products (mattress, pillows, toppers) as their inner sewn layer, placed together with other layers of your product.


If you are a bedding manufacturer and want to provide much needed stress-relief experience to your customers, you are on the right place to making it happen. We present to you the Biocrystal® fabric - multipurpose stress relief layer, the latest solution coming from Biocrystal® world.

Delivered by nature. Powered by technology. Approved by science.


With its natural crystals, all chosen according to their benefits, Biocrystal® puts purely natural resources to the disposal of a stress-relieving sleep. When implemented into foam, mattress, or furniture, Biocrystal® is measured to calm heartbeat, slow down rapid breathing, and relax muscle tension. It all leads to a reduction of stress and helps to improve the quality of sleep.





Biocrystal’s measured benefits
reduce level of stress
provide faster relaxation
reduce muscle tension
increase oxygen level
helps improve your sleep quality
decrease impact of EMF (electromagnetic field)

% of respondents measured better body circulation
% of the users sleep better
% of the users recommend the product

Fast, easy and cost-efficient to implement

Biocrystal® comes with an easy, fast and cost-effective implementation as well as our support throughout the process – from idea to the shelf. Upgrade the comfort of your product with antistress efficiency of Biocrystal®.

Book a meeting

Manufacturing bedding foam, mattresses, textile, or furniture and wondering if you can improve your products with Biocrystal® stress-relief component?

Get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to explain how Biocrystal® can easily and cost-effectively be implemented into your products and answer your customers’ needs.


Goran Ivanisevic

Croatian tennis player and Wimbledon winner

“It was very hard to survive my dynamic day when I already woke up tired in the morning. The Biocrystal® topper solved my problems – I wake up rested, full of energy and strength for a new day and I feel as if I could win at Wimbledon again!”

Matthias Dolderer

German hero of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship

“Ever since I sleep on Biocrystal® topper, I feel more concentrated than ever, and it improves my performance in the sky. With Biocrystal® topper, the most important thing actually is what comes after sleep, and for me this is an enormous energy and strong devotion to dominate the sky.”


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