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Measured benefits

Biocrystal ® is the only scientifically validated component that, when implemented into bedding foam, mattress or furniture, provides:

  • Reduce level of stress: provide faster relaxation, reduce muscle tension, increase oxygen level. •Helps improve your sleep quality.
  • Decrease impact of EMF (electromagnetic field).

Certified, tested and praised by the users world-wide

Biocrystal® offers to solve the No.1 problem customers are facing today – stress.  Biocrystal® gives great value both to manufacturers and users therefore becomes a “must have” bedding component of 21st century.

Breaking the link between stress and sleep

Just imagine. Diving into the sheets as if floating on the ocean’s surface. Relaxed worriless, with thoughts  calmed and muscles untensed. You are breathing calmly and indulge the realm of dreams, for a well-deserved rest. A complete one, a good one, the rest that both your mind and your body need to keep going forward, day by day.

But to have a sleep that counts you must relax.

It’s crucial to break the cycle of stress and poor sleep, sleep followed by a poor performance and bad mood, as it can lead to serious harms to your health. On that road - rely on nature, trust it as it has never failed you. Rely on scientifically validated and confirmed stress relief technology – Biocrystal®.

Scientifically proven to work


Your product + Biocrystal® Powder =

Highly effective stress relief product


Test results

How we test

When it comes to testing and confirming the effectiveness of Biocrystal ® powder, every research is conducted in European institutes. We were looking for the right method that will unequivocally ensure that Biocrystal ® powder has a strong relaxing effect on the user leading to stress reduction and mitigation of stress. The results of the measurements performed during the testing, undoubtedly show the ability of Biocrystal ® to further and faster relax, reduce muscle tension, increase oxygen absorption, and therefore act to reduce stress.

Muscle activity

Difference between BF and CF for muscle activity can be seen after 10 minutes of measurements. Its values in this period were lower for BF as they were more constant than those for CF, which gradually increased until 21:00 minutes when the difference between them was the greatest. Lower values for muscle activity typically mean higher relaxation.

Skin conductance

Difference between BF and CF is not so clear for the skin conductance, but statistical analysis nevertheless showed significant differences after 16 minutes of the measurements. Values for BF are generally lower in this period of measurements than those for CF, and this indicates higher relaxation for BF

Heart rate

Values for heart rate become lower for BF compared to CF after 8 minutes of measurements. Lower values for heart rate usually correlate with higher relaxation or with lower physical activity. Therefore, this goes in harmony with lower muscle activity by further indicating a higher relaxation.


It increased much faster and achieved higher values for CF compared to BF. The BF demonstrated strong EMF protective effect.

Respiration rate

Difference between BF and CF was biggest in the middle of the measurements as it gradually decreased after 12 minutes towards the end. Higher respiration rate on the beginning is correlated with higher metabolic activity. It seems that BF induced some internal response in testees that increased oxygen consumption.

Discover the effectiveness of this technologic innovation

You will experience stress relief, overcome sleepless nights and achieve the highest level of performance in all areas of your life.

You will live up to your full potential, experience mindfulness and finally, feel good about your life! Using products with Biocrystal ® implemented inside, you will feel:

  • More productive - as we have more energy during the day, to accomplish all our aims.
  • Well rested - as we sleep stressless and worry less
  • Happy - as we finally experienced what true rest is, therefore, we are full of strength for all upcoming challenges.
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