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Nature, science, and technology united to make a difference

For you as a manufacturer, Biocrystal® is the perfect answer if you are looking to offer a stress-relieving experience to your customers, an active treatment that goes beyond comfort and offers a much-needed top quality of sleep. Biocrystal® is an added value to your products to answer your customers’ needs.


Biocrystal® powder


Biocrystal® is the registered trade name for a powder of precisely selected, crushed, and mixed crystals in special quantity and ratio. The Biocrystal® powder is intended for implementation into various kinds of foams for products such as mattresses, toppers, but also products for everyday use, such as sofas, chairs, accessorize, textile, clothing and footwear, sport and exercise equipment.

Biocrystal® comes in 2 sizes: 400µ and 3µ.

It makes it perfectly adaptable for an easy, fast, and cost-effective
implementation into your product.




 Your product + Biocrystal Powder =

Highly effective stress relief product


Implementation methods
  • Foam infusion
  • Sprinkling method
  • Coating and laminating - for textile
Meet Biocrystal® fabric - the ultimate solution for bedding manufacturers

Biocrystal® fabric is carefully designed for a super easy implementation into any kind of bedding products (mattress, pillows, toppers) as their inner sewn layer, placed together with other layers of your product.


If you are a bedding manufacturer and want to provide much needed stress-relief experience to your customers, you are on the right place to making it happen. We present to you the Biocrystal® fabric - multipurpose stress relief layer, the latest solution coming from Biocrystal® world.

Advantages for you as a manufacturer
Implementation is easy

the process is fast, and we got your back with ready-to launch marketing materials.

You can help your customers

relieve stress in their bedtime, by simply adding Biocrystal® to your products

As a manufacturer of bedding products

you can solve the biggest common problem your customers are facing today and do it in the natural way.

Biocrystal® upgrades the comfort

of your products, with tested and proven effect of increased relaxation and stress relief during the sleep.


Enable a

stress-relieving sleep to your customers, with Biocrystal®, an award winning innovation.



Stories of success

Naomi Watts recommended product enriched with Biocrystal®


An inspiring woman, planetary famous for her movies, double Oscar-nominated actress and philanthropist, Naomi Watts, recommended product enriched with Biocrystal®.


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Divanev from Yatas Group about to launch the new line of mattresses with Biocrystal®


Divanev from Yatas group 

Divanev from Yatas group and Biocrystal® – stress relief technology, united their expertise to a cooperation that is about to result with a new line of bedding products.  The line is coming by the name iSupport Relax” and promises to answer the needs of people who look for an extra help falling asleep peacefully and expecting the highest quality of an uninterrupted, relaxed and truly efficient sleep.


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Manufacturing bedding foam, mattresses, textile, or furniture and wondering if you can improve your products with Biocrystal® stress-relief component?

Get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to explain how Biocrystal® can easily and cost-effectively be implemented into your products and answer your customers’ needs.