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Biocrystal® - stress relief technology


Biocrystal® is a mixture of precisely selected, crushed, and mixed natural crystals, scientifically measured to provide a strong anti-stress effect. It is a must-have natural bedding component and the perfect answer for need of people today.

Biocrystal® comes in a form of powder, without any additives, and represents a key ingredient for your products, if you are looking to provide a stress relief experience for your customers.


Your product + Biocrystal® Powder =

Highly effective stress relief product


100% natural


Biocrystal® brings the best from earth crust to your bed, using exclusively 100% natural crystals, without any additives and provides a proven active anti-stress treatment. 

It works during the night by providing stress relief to your body. It calms heartbeat, slows down rapid breathing, and relaxes muscle tension. It all leads to a reduction of stress and significantly improves sleep.

You could improve the duration and quality of your sleep by simply relaxing body and mind during bedtime.


Deep dive into the world of Biocrystal®

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Scientifically validated and proven to work

Biocrystal® powder has a tested and proven relaxing effect on users, without side effects.

Tested parameters (depth and rhythm of respiration, heart rate, muscle tension,) showed a confirmed effect of reducing stress levels. It all leads to a reduction of stress and helps to improve sleep.

Inserted into mattress or foam, Biocrystal® provides anti-stress effect

As an efficient and powerful bedding and furniture component, Biocrystal® is proven to provide an anti-stress effect when inserted into mattress or foam. Delivered by nature, powered by technology, and approved by science, Biocrystal® provides:

  • faster relaxation,
  • lowers muscle tension,
  • relieves stress,
  • and leads to better sleep quality.
Meet Biocrystal® fabric - the ultimate solution for bedding manufacturers

Biocrystal® fabric is carefully designed for a super easy implementation into any kind of bedding products (mattress, pillows, toppers) as their inner sewn layer, placed together with other layers of your product.


If you are a bedding manufacturer and want to provide much needed stress-relief experience to your customers, you are on the right place to making it happen. We present to you the Biocrystal® fabric - multipurpose stress relief layer, the latest solution coming from Biocrystal® world.

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Manufacturing bedding foam, mattresses, textile, or furniture and wondering if you can improve your products with Biocrystal® stress-relief component?

Get in touch with us, we’ll be happy to explain how Biocrystal® can easily and cost-effectively be implemented into your products and answer your customers’ needs.

Crystals as an answer

Crystals are the ultimate powerhouses of the earth, omnipresent and play a fundamental role in our daily lives – today, our world would be inconceivable without the technology that crystals enable and provide.

Often, we are not even aware that we are walking on them, using them literally every day by watching TV, using cell phones, watches, and cosmetics. Probably we are not aware of all the power, and great benefits crystals have. When something is 100% clear we say it is “crystal clear” – 100%, as the crystals are the purest and the most perfect parts of nature.

Being older “only” a few million years then we are, crystals (their properties and adjustments) were a subject of our research for a decade already.

Consulting experts and scientists, we were persistent and committed to discover the perfect combination of crystals whose benefits provide a stress relief experience.

As Biocrystal® inventors, we have selected safe, naturally occurring and highest quality crystals for their unique properties and combined them into a clinically proven formula to create Biocrystal®.


Enable a

stress-relieving sleep to your customers, with Biocrystal®, an award winning innovation.



Stories of success

Naomi Watts recommended product enriched with Biocrystal®


An inspiring woman, planetary famous for her movies, double Oscar-nominated actress and philanthropist, Naomi Watts, recommended product enriched with Biocrystal®.


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Divanev from Yatas Group about to launch the new line of mattresses with Biocrystal®


Divanev from Yatas group 

Divanev from Yatas group and Biocrystal® – stress relief technology, united their expertise to a cooperation that is about to result with a new line of bedding products.  The line is coming by the name iSupport Relax” and promises to answer the needs of people who look for an extra help falling asleep peacefully and expecting the highest quality of an uninterrupted, relaxed and truly efficient sleep.


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