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Biocrystal® - stress relief technology

Biocrystal® is an ideal combination of natural crystals - diligently chosen, ground, and mixed in powder form. This tested and proven formula provides a powerful relaxing effect, affecting several physiological parameters. Stress mitigation is just one of the benefits of using carefully integrated natural resources, while the positive consequences are much more extensive.

Consistent measurement results have undoubtedly shown that Biocrystal® is equally efficacious in different materials, so manufacturers can successfully incorporate it into various products without losing quality. We consistently deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions for one of the modern era's most significant challenges, thus justifying all current and future accomplishments.

When nature offers a solution - efficacy is guaranteed

After years of dedication and interest for wellbeing and how it's affected by stress, low energy levels, lousy sleep and poor relaxation, nature has shown us the way to crystals. We satisfied our quest with a powerful, reliable, yet entirely biobased solution that can be used regardless of age, gender, health, and physical condition.


Consulting experts and scientists, we were persistent in examining crystals' properties and discovering optimal ratios to develop a clinically proven formula today known as Biocrystal®.


Combining natural resources with wonders of technology has many proven benefits. Biocrystal® is confirmed to reduce muscle tension, increase oxygen absorption, calm the heartbeat, and regulate body temperature, inherently leading to faster relaxation. Therefore, it gradually reduces and mitigates unpleasant symptoms by affecting the parameters whose values depend on the stress levels. It enables a deep rest state of body and mind while relaxing or sleeping.



Deep dive into the world of Biocrystal®

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Scientifically validated and proven to work

Biocrystal® powder has a tested and proven relaxing effect on users, without side effects.

Tested parameters (depth and rhythm of respiration, heart rate, muscle tension,) showed a confirmed effect of reducing stress levels. It all leads to a reduction of stress and helps to improve sleep.

Experience the Biocrystal® relaxation effect in many kinds of products

As an efficient and powerful component, Biocrystal® is proven to provide a relaxing and anti-stress effect when inserted into almost any product. Delivered by nature, powered by technology, and approved by science, Biocrystal® provides:


  • positive effect on different body parameters
  • faster relaxation
  • mitigation of stress symptoms
  • leads to better sleep quality
Crystals as an answer

Although often inconspicuous, crystals are omnipresent and play a fundamental role in our daily life. They integrated into cell phones, watches, TVs, radars, medical devices, and various modern gadgetry requiring exactness and reliability. Crystals are the ultimate powerhouses of the Earth, and our world would be inconceivable without the technology they enable and provide.


Numerous people have been using them throughout history for different purposes, and the same is today. It was a turning point to notice that crystals affect many parameters whose values are subject to change depending on the stress levels.


By incorporating nature's best into sophisticated technology, we discovered an entirely new dimension of relaxation, with its immense benefits. Crystals can re-channel the energy flow with their unique energetic vibrations, maximizing the pre-existing body potential. This comforting feeling helps us feel relaxed, match the misaligned energy levels, and finally allow us to reduce stress. With science development, crystals deservedly got their attention in research studies, while their use expanded accordingly.

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