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Certified, tested and praised by the users world-wide, Biocrystal® offers to solve the No.1 problem customers are facing today – stress. Therefore, Biocrystal® gives great value both to manufacturers and users therefore becomes a “must have” bedding component of 21st century.

Products with Biocrystal® technology implemented are tested and proven to work, also strongly recommended by medical experts and celebrity athletes. 

Biocrystal® is praised by celebrities

Goran Ivanisevic

Croatian tennis player and Wimbledon winner

“It was very hard to survive my dynamic day when I already woke up tired in the morning. The Biocrystal® topper solved my problems – I wake up rested, full of energy and strength for a new day and I feel as if I could win at Wimbledon again!”

Matthias Dolderer

German hero of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship

“Ever since I sleep on Biocrystal® topper, I feel more concentrated than ever, and it improves my performance in the sky. With Biocrystal® topper, the most important thing actually is what comes after sleep, and for me this is an enormous energy and strong devotion to dominate the sky.”

Danielle Brown

Double Paralympic gold medalist in archery

“Biocrystal® topper has made it much easier for me to get out of bed in the morning and to function better throughout the day. It is extremely comfortable, and I have been waking up with more energy and less aches after a full days training.”

Sandra Perkovic

Croatian discus thrower, reigning European, World and Olympic champion

"After a very intense exercises, massage can help with reducing the pain and break up lactic acid. However, using Biocrystal® topper is a great thing, because while you sleep, your body is recovering and in the morning, you are ready for the new effort. For athletes, this is a revolutionary innovation."

Yoshihide Muroya

Japanese aerobatics pilot

“A device that I use, and that measures the general condition of the body showed my sleep has improved since I use Biocrystal® PowerPadTM. I am experiencing my sleep is deeper and longer for about 20%.”

Harvey Horn

Professional boxer from United Kingdom

With Biocrystal® Power Pad™ I have been feeling the benefits both in and out the ring. No more sluggish mornings or expressos to get me through as I’ve been having great sleep, better recovery and a fresher mindset!”

Stephen Miller

British Paralympic athlete

“Since I’ve been using  Biocrystal®, I've been sleeping very well. I wake up with more energy which is great for my training. I will be continuing to use it into the future.”

Claire Cashmore

British Paralympic swimmer

"For an athlete, quality sleep is a vital part of achieving success within your sport. Sleeping on a Biocrystal® ensures that this sleep quality can be achieved day in and day out."

Ivan Kljakovic-Gaspic

Famous Croatian sailor and Olympic medal winner

"I have been using Biocrystal® for less than a year, but a change is visible from the first night. I sleep more peacefully and wake up rested, which is very important in the sport. A good and sound sleep regenerates me and every morning I feel fresh.”

Sanja Jovanovic

Female backstroke swimmer from Croatia

“I have been using Biocrystal® for a long time now and it really suits me because after a hard training I feel more rested than before. Moreover, it seems to me that I recover faster lately.”

Karen Darke

Paralympic silver medallist

"I think I sleep well when I use Biocrystal® topper. I feel well rested and that I have good quality sleep when I use the Biocrystal® topper, which is important for my body's recovery particularly in periods of intense training."

David Drahoninsky

Czech Paralympic archer

“I think Biocrystal® is a great invention. I sleep very good and my tournament performance is getting much better. For example, since I sleep on Biocrystal®, I won World paraarchery championship in Germany. As I sleep better, I do better results.“

Tamara Boros

World's number 2 Table Tennis player in 2002.

“Biocrystal® topper, which I have put on the mattress, makes me sleep easier and makes workouts less strenuous. It is not irrelevant that it can easily be transported to the stem, so I take it everywhere with me."

KHL Medvedscak

The most successful and popular ice hockey team in Croatia

"The Zagreb Bears are not superstitious, and they achieve their great fitness, excellent health and good results because they believe in a good sleep and top-class mattresses, Biocrystal® mattress on which they rest and sleep after hard training's and games."


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Biocrystal® is recommended by doctors

Dr. Douglas Mc George

Leading UK plastic surgeon

"As we all appreciate, a good night’s sleep is essential for quality living with good health, well-being and a longer life potentially. Based on personal experience of sleeping at home and experience of my patients, I can confirm that sleep on Biocrystal® can improve the person’s general condition. I recommend it to anyone who wants a better life, a peaceful and serene sleep and to wake up easier than before.”

Prim. Dr. Jadranko Jelić

Specialist surgeon and specialist in internal medicine

“The results of the research I conducted on effect of Biocrystal® show that, without any doubt, Biocrystal® users experience the greatest changes in bio potential as soon as 10 minutes after the beginning of use. The results have proven that all users experienced positive changes in the general state of the organism in that period and that the average improvement is 34.6%."

Vlasta Brozicevic

Head of physical medicine and rehabilitation department at Terme Selce

“From personal experience, I can say that my sleep improved greatly after only a week of sleeping on the mattress with Biocrystal®.  Because of its positive effects, we decided to give patients the opportunity to sleep on these mattress pads when staying at Terme Selce. I highly recommend sleeping on the unique mattresses with Biocrystal® inside to all of them, who have decided they want a good quality sleep, and to maintain a quality of life and strengthen their energy for work."

Prim. Dr. Nikola Radakovic

Specialist physician and acupuncturist

“Biocrystal® products are the first products that have a real and positive impact on the human body. While you sleep on them, you should know that their field establishes an energy balance in your body, making you better rested, even if you sleep a shorter period. Awakening is easier and in the morning, you are full of energy for the upcoming activities.”

Dr. Dusan Markovic Radiologist

Director of the Contract Research Organization

"Based on my own experience of sleeping on the Biocrystal® topper during the last 2 months, I noticed the following positive effects such as: my sleep became deeper and better. Every morning I wake up feeling rested and full of life energy, physically and mentally I feel extraordinary and my body resistance to external influences have increased. I would recommend The Biocrystal® topper to all people, with and without health issues, because quality sleep is essential to recover the body and prepare it for challenges we face during the day."

Dr. Vet. Med Deana Basar

Equivitalis – The Centre for Rehabilitation of Horses and Pets

"I have tested the Biocrystal® products on animals in my praxis. All dogs have showed significant improvement in energy, mobility and in their general condition! All dogs that were exposed to the effects of the Biocrystal® PetPad™ for 7 days or more showed significant improvement in energy, mobility and in their general condition. The effect was especially manifested through a positive change in behaviour that concurrently contributed to an improvement in the overall quality of life of dogs suffering from chronic problems of motor activity."