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Biocrystal® supporting the “International stress awareness week”


Stress is confirmed as a problem No.1 of the 21st century.

Especially now, considering these pandemic times we are living in. To confirm the serious concern related to the problem of stress comes “International stress awareness week”. It comes as a sign of awareness of the magnitude of this problem, harming not only individuals attacked by this plague of the 21st century but also society as a whole. Great efforts and huge financial resources are invested in the fight to reduce the effects of stress.


Providing stress-relief means providing a better life.

Providing a stress relief experience to customers, nowadays became a global task for all bedding and furniture manufacturers out there. Offering an anti-stress solution means providing better emotional and physical health for your customers, and in long terms – a better life, especially nowadays when the global pandemic tempts patience and changes the routine we were accustomed to.

Biocrystal® has been present for a long time, as a reliable ally to fight stress.

As an efficient and powerful bedding and furniture component, Biocrystal® is proven to provide an anti-stress effect when inserted into mattress or foam. Delivered by nature, powered by technology, and approved by science, Biocrystal® provides faster relaxation, lowers muscle tension, relieves stress, and leads to better sleep quality.

We are supporting the “International stress awareness week” with a special offer for purchasing Biocrystal® mixture, a proven stress relief bedding component.

Being easy to implement and cost-efficient, Biocrystal® is a perfect solution for all bedding and furniture manufacturers who are looking to offer a stress-relieving experience to their customers.

A special offer for Biocrystal® Mixture is valid throughout November.
To find out more about this offer, contact our Sales Operations Representative, Mrs. Slavica Dukic (slavica@biocrytal.eu).

Let’s fight the stress together.