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Naomi Watts recommended product enriched with Biocrystal®


An inspiring woman, planetary famous for her movies, double Oscar-nominated actress and philanthropist, Naomi Watts, recommended product enriched with Biocrystal®.


Naomi presented Biocrystal® infused Eye mask from our partners Re.Vityl by posting it on her Instagram account, followed by 1.4 million people.

As proud as we are to Biocrystal®, we are as equally proud to every success of our partners and praise their achievements, powered by innovative Biocrystal® technology proven to relief consequences of stress.

Biocrystal® eye mask from Re.Vityl featured at Naomi’s ONDA Beauty shops

Re.Vityl’s sleepmasks with Biocrystal® are featured at ONDA Beauty online and shops based in New York, London and Sidney, estimated by Mrs Wats and her friends – fellow Australian and journalist Sarah Bryden-Brown and American fashion editor Larissa Thomson.

The three inspiring ladies share the same values of clean beauty and passion towards transformational products that make a world better place. So, it comes totally natural that Biocrystal® enriched sleep mask from Re.Vityl found its place within ONDA family. Especially considering how aligned the passions of all three brands are.

We are beyond proud of Biocrystal®, especially having in mind that all products ONDA stocks are tested by the three ONDA’s founders and chosen for its efficacy, purpose, scent and goodness.

Check out the Re.Vityl sleep mask with Biocrystal® featured at Naomi Watts’ clean beauty ONDA shop.



Photo by ONDA beauty Facebook & Re.Vityl Facebook.