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Divanev from Yatas Group about to launch the new line of mattresses with Biocrystal®


Divanev from Yatas group 

Divanev from Yatas group and Biocrystal® – stress relief technology, united their expertise to a cooperation that is about to result with a new line of bedding products.  The line is coming by the name iSupport Relax” and promises to answer the needs of people who look for an extra help falling asleep peacefully and expecting the highest quality of an uninterrupted, relaxed and truly efficient sleep.


Divanev from Yatas group is starting off from the idea that a good and high quality home life is the right of everyone, therefor it aims to be a preferred new and strong alternative in the furniture sector, with its original and stylish designs by taking into account the needs, expectations, tastes and socioeconomic conditions of today’s furniture consumers.

Biocrystal® is an award winning and scientifically validated bedding component based on 100% natural crystals whose proven efficiency leads to reducing of stress levels (by providing faster relaxation, reducing muscle tension, increasing oxygen level) and therefor helps improvement of sleep quality for a user.

Comfort, highest performance finishing materials and original design, are all listed on the top of our priorities list when it comes to features of our products. However, with “iSupport Relax”  line of mattresses we go a step forward by offering an active relaxing treatment in the mattress, as  we desire to cover the needs of people today, when stress became a way of life.” –said Divanev Product Management Team.

Mrs Vesna Pavletic a CEO of BC Tech company, the inventor and provider of Biocrystal® stress relief technology, expressed her satisfaction for cooperation with the strongest Turkey bedding and furniture brand, as Divanev is, and underlined the need of active treatment in bedding products today:

“The unprecedent times we are living in and stress we are exposed daily strongly affect the quality of sleep, and that vicious cycle needs to be broken, so it doesn’t lead to serious diseases. Biocrystal® stress relief technology surpasses the comfort and offers an active relaxation treatment to the customers. This is why Divanev’s soon to be released “iSupport Relax” line of mattresses will provide exactly what needed when it comes to sleep today – a bedtime relaxation for top quality sleep.”