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A word from the innovator

“What do we expect from a good mattress?

This is the question we asked ourselves so many times a decade ago when we realised relaxing sleep can’t be achieved with perfect comfort only. This exact moment was the breaking point for us to realise we have to develop a bedding component that provides an added value of stress-relieving experience to every mattress there is.

Knowing the exact conditions that would satisfy our search, we needed to take one step backwards to where it all began – to nature. Glorious and powerful, the source of life, the one giving everything and asking nothing in return, and yet it often gets overlooked in these modern times. Among many wonders of nature, crystals were the one that satisfied our quest.

Being natural, reliable, efficient and powerful, crystals were exactly what we were looking for. Their reputation persisted for centuries and were trusted for their benefits by both Cleopatra and the popes (and by many, many in between).

Today, benefits of crystals are the ground of the wellness industry with constantly growing popularity and adored both by Hollywood stars and scientists. Considering crystals’ inclusion into many aspects of modern gadgetry (there is no computer without crystals in the world), we could say that we are moving into the age of crystals.

Today, after precise testing and numerous feedbacks we got from the satisfied customers, we know we have a unique technology, a component “sine qua non” that is slowly yet unstoppably becoming a “must have” for all producers looking to offer effective stress relief products for everyday use.

Let ’s use the best of what nature has to offer.”

Vesna Pavletić CEO / Founder